Vertical Boing-E-Boing

 This is like the regular Boing-E-Boing, but it is vertical and is offstring. It's done pretty much the same way, so the instructions are skimpy.

Step 1

os-throw Throw an offstring throw


Step 2

Put the free end of the string into the right hand, to form sort of a triangle. Next, pull back on the string with your right hand. This will make the yo-yo go straight up

Step 3

Next, you need to allow slack for the yo-yo to go up, so move that right hand back inwards.


Step 4

At the top, pull the string back again with your left hand to bring the yo-yo down.


Step 5

Push it in again to allow more slack for the yo-yo to fall. You will now be back in Step 1. Feel free to repeat.



- After the throw, make sure you do this trick completely frontstyle. Most people do it slightly sidestyle so they can see the bounces themselves. However, if you do it more frontstyle, you will have an easier time lining up the string and yoyo.