Flip Backs are moves which allow you to add flash to your yo-yo tricks and routines. They look like a combination of backwards barrel rolls and a chain reaction, but are done differently. The great thing about Flip Backs is that they are done before or after somersaults -- a very common move. This makes an even flashy move even flashier!


Step 1

Start with a Skin the Cat mount. You can also start with an under mount or over mount, but the Skin the Cat mount is most ideal because it leaves both of your hands on the same horizontal plane.


Step 2

Bring your right hand over your left as indicated with the blue arrow. You are now going to do most of Split the Atom (see Ken's World).


Step 3

You should be in the position show to the left. You are now going to plug the string segment closest to you coming from the yo-yo. This string is colored red in the picture.


Step 4

This is the plucked position after completing Step 3. It is now time to do an underpass. This means threading the red string segment in the yo-yo groove, and is accomplished by first moving your right hand forward and under the yo-yo as shown by the blue arrow.


Step 5

Continue threading the string to complete the underpass (follow the blue arrow with your right hand). Once this is done. Level out both hands so they're horizontal by either raising your right hand to the blue X or lowering your left hand (or do both).


Step 6

Next you are going to flip your whole yo-yo formation backwards. This is how the Flip Back maneuver got its name. You want to flip the yo-yo back on the red string. To do this move both hands in the directions indicated by the blue arrows until they reach their corresponding blue Xs. Your hands should be pretty much lined up vertically.


Step 7

Without hesitation from Step 6, move your right hand down in the direction of the blue arrow, until you reach the blue X. The yo-yo will now jump to the red string, as indicated by the orange arrow. You want this move to be as smooth as possible because the yo-yo will often snag after jumping if you are not smooth.


Step 8

You will now be in a position that should look familiar. Follow the blue arrow with your right hand again and you will end up in Step 5. You can repeat the process as many times as you like. Usually I end this maneuver with some somersaults after Step 5. I don't add too many Flip Backs too a trick...otherwise I would just do Barrel Rolls. Used properly, this little move can add a lot of flare to a otherwise "simple" trick."