(Translation: "Whatever")
Created by Hidemasa Senba 

This is one of the coolest tricks I have ever seen. The fact that it is so easy to do makes this one of my favorite tricks ever. 

Step 1

Start with a Split Bottom Mount


Step 2

Next, stick your middle finger out on your right hand, in the same fashion you have your right hand index finger sticking out on that hand. See the picture if you know what I mean. This step is often overlooked, but you can't do the trick without it.

Now, you are going to "fold" the string over your hands by moving your left hand behind your right hand. The yo-yo and the right hand both will not move at all.

Step 3

Next, flip the yo-yo as indicated by the orange arrows.


Step 4

The yo-yo will continue flipping and land on the red string.


Step 5

Now, sort of opposite of Step 2, you are going to fold the string from the left hand over the right hand by moving your left hand in the direction of the blue arrows. The right hand and yo-yo shouldn't move.


Step 6

Next, flip the yo-yo over behind the right hand as indicated by the orange arrows.


Step 7

As it continues to flip, land it on the red string. You will then be in a Split Bottom Mount and can repeat this over and over.