Rolling Star was created by Jun Aramaki of Japan. It's one of the coolest offstring tricks around; it looks really awesome, is very easy to do, and is a ton of fun to perform. This is one trick you definitely want to learn.

Step 1 - Throw, Catch  

After doing the throw, catch it on the string then turn sideways so you are set up like the picture shows. Now, grab the free end of the string (the one that's in your left hand) with your right hand. Then, using your left thumb, make a triangle formation as shown below.


Step 2

You should be in the position to the right. The string starts in your right hand, goes down around the yo-yo to the left hand, then around to the right hand again. Now, swing the yo-yo clockwise, but let it go in front of your left pointer finger (it should not come into contact with your left hand at all).

Step 3

Continue this swing...


Step 4

Continue swinging around your left hand. As with the left hand, you want the yo-yo to go on the outside of your right finger, and not touch the right hand


Step 5

Let it swing down to the bottom...


Step 6

Now you should be in this position. Pluck the red string (which is the one going over your right hand thumb) with your right pointer finger.


Step 7

You should be here. Now we are going to concentrate on a different string.


Step 8

We are now going to pluck the red string with the left pointer finger. To do so, we are going to reach in front of that triangle formed by the left thumb and right pointer (your fingers are naturally in front of it anyway) and pluck the red string with the back of the left finger.


Step 9

  You should now have the star from Offstring All-Star on the SuperYo video.


Step 10

Now, you can start the rolling. All you do is roll the yo-yo to your left or right, and make it flip over your left or right finger. When you do this, it will land in the same position as Step 9. Then roll it the other way, forming a figure 8 pattern that you can repeat over and over.