There are a couple kinds of boomerang. The one illustrated here is the single string version. Boomerang essentially shoots the yo-yo out in front of you, then it comes back, and keeps "bouncing" out and returning. It is a neat little trick that will add flare to your performance. 

At first, your efforts on this move may seem futile, but practice a lot and you should pick it up rather quickly.

Step 1 

Start by almost doing a skin the cat mount. When you are in the position to the left, you are going to pull your hands vertically apart. This will cause the yo-yo to shoot out in the direction of the orange arrows.


Step 2 

The yo-yo is going to reach its most outward point. When this happens, lower your left hand and the yo-yo will return in the direction of the orange arrows. This happens almost as quick as you shot it out.

Step 3

 Now the yo-yo has its momentum coming toward you. It is going to collide with the string, and you want to give the string some slight slack by moving your right hand up a little. When you do this, you are back in Step 1. Repeat as many times as possible.


This move will take a little practice, but it's well worth it. Practice with the softest yo-yo you have since you will more than likely continue to hit yourself in the chest or face when learning this trick. Enjoy! Hehe.