Official National Yo-Yo Contest Compulsory Version

Cold fusion is a pretty complicated trapeze trick, but it isn't as hard as everyone said it was at one point. There used to be rumors that this was "the mother of all trapeze tricks" and possibly the "hardest trick ever." Of course, that was a while ago, and since then everyone has gotten better. Now the trick isn't too hard to learn, but you will need some practice. I HIGHLY suggest downloading the video of this trick while you view these instructions. The instructions can get complicated and it may be easier for you to see the trick on video and then learn from that. If not, the individual steps are here.

This trick is shown as if you were looking in a mirror.

Step 1

Start with a Double or Nothing either the standard way, or by doing a trapeze to double or nothing transition roll. 


Step 2

Next, you are going to do an underpass with your right hand. When you do this, you will end up threading the red string segment, and only the red string segment, into the yo-yo's groove. To do this underpass, move your right hand in the direction of the blue arrow.

Step 3

You are still completing the underpass...

Note- the green string segment, which is the string that is coming from your yo-yo finger. Although you cannot tell by this picture, it is completely behind the yo-yo (meaning it's between you and the yo-yo). Continue following the blue arrow with your right hand.


Step 4

You have just finished the underpass. At this point, your right hand should be crossed under your left hand. Move your right hand against the strings indicated by the blue arrow. The red string segments are the same segments in Step 3, as is the green.


Step 5

Now, you are going to do the second underpass with your other hand. Move your left hand in the direction indicated by the blue arrow. Move it until you reach the blue X, then proceed to Step 6.


Step 6

You will now thread the red, and only the red, string segment into the yo-yo groove. The green strings should go behind the yo-yo. Follow the blue arrow with your left hand to the blue X.


Step 7

If you only threaded the red string, you should end up in the position to the left. The red string depicted in this position is the same red string in Step 6.At this point, your hands should be crossed with your right hand above your left. You should now let the outermost string on your left hand fall off, as indicated by the green arrow.


Step 8

Now, flip the yo-yo around counter clockwise. Your right hand will probably naturally try to level out with your left hand (which is in the direction of the blue arrow).


Step 9

If you do this correctly, you should be in a hold like the one to the left. Now you want to move your right hand in the direction of the blue arrows. You will be uncrossing your arms. When you do this, the yo-yo will follow the path of the orange arrow and you will then be into a sideways one-and-a-half mount!


Step 10

The momentum from the flip in Step 9 should make the yo-yo continue in the direction of the orange arrows. Just have it rotate once.


Step 11

Now unwind the yo-yo.


Step 15

Here is a sort of tricky part. You are just going to unwind the yo-yo until you get to a trapeze naturally. However most people tend to make it go on the trapeze prematurely. To see what I mean, view the video for this trick. It will seem like I unwind the yo-yo (in this step) one more time than I should be able to. The reason is because I just unwind it until I get to the trapeze. However, most people do the following:



Step 16 -Bad

After you unwind the yo-yo once, you will be tempted to land the yo-yo on the red string as indicated by the orange arrow. This is not right....


Step 17 - Bad

If you did "Step 16 - Bad" , you will be tempted to just drop the string off of your right hand as indicated by the green arrow.

Remember, you aren't supposed to do this. The reason why I am going into so much depth on this one simple thing is because it drove me crazy when I was trying to learn it from a video of Kate Miller.


Ok, step back in normal time.

Step 16 -Good

Instead of landing on the red string, the yo-yo should continue around the right hand.


Step 17 - Good

Now it is safe to land the trapeze. Usually I move my left hand away to make my hands farther apart.

Step 18

You will now be in a trapeze position and can do a Ferris wheel dismount or whichever dismount you like.