Trapeze Pop-Ups

Eli Hops are really great. They're so simple, yet so fun. You basically start with a trapeze, pop the yo-yo high into the air, and land it back on the trapeze.

Step 1

First, start with a trapeze.


Step 2

Next, pull your hands apart to pop the yo-yo in the air.


Step 3

Immediately after you pull your hands apart, you need to move them closer together. You can do this by moving either or both hands. I find it better to move the left hand pretty much right under the yo-yo (as seen in the picture) so that your hand and yo-yo are vertically aligned).


If you did not do Step 3 correctly, your yo-yo will follow the red arrow path on the above picture. Don't let this happen. Give the string slack in Step 3 or the yo-yo wont pop up, but rather to the left!


Step 4

Now the yo-yo should be airborne, high in the air. Return it by stretching your hands out to normal trapeze position.


Step 5

You might have some trouble landing it back on the trapeze. It just takes a little practice. After landing the trapeze, go back to Step 2 and repeat over and over.

Learn this move, you will love it!