a.k.a The Doc Flop

Whoo...this is one awesome trick. It's so simple, but it will baffle you at first. Basically, the yo-yo tilts 180 degrees, breaking away from its typical vertical plane. Definitely add this this trick to your list of tricks. This trick was created by Doctor Popular

Step 1

Throw a trapeze. You are now going to do a Mindbend, but instead of swinging the yo-yo clockwise, you are going to swing it counter-clockwise.


Step 2

Keep it swinging...

Step 3

Still swinging; remember not to let your right hand index finger get in the way at all. In fact, it shouldn't be sticking out at all I was just too lazy to change my picture. 


Step 4

You are now in the Mindbend position. Start pulling your hands apart. Make sure to pull them straight apart.


Step 5

Continue pulling straight apart. 


Step 5 continued

Some people, when pulling apart, like to pull the left hand strings into a triangle as shown (with the thumb).


Step 6

The yo-yo will start to tilt towards you, continue pulling the same direction


Step 7

The yo-yo will continue to tilt, at one point it will be horizontal. After the yo-yo is horizontal, slowly start to not pull as hard


Step 8

The rest of the flip happens quickly. Don't tug, at all (or tug barely) and the yo-yo should continue to flip


Step 9

After the yo-yo flips, you should be back where you started pretty much. Dismount however you like.