Created by Citadel

Invertigo is a repeating trick that gets you to and from a split bottom. These moves, individually will come in handy when trying to make combos and what not, and strung together, the moves look pretty cool. 


Step 1

Throw a Trapeze. Then turn sideways to your left (kinda like you would do for Hydrogen Bomb). If you don't turn, this trick may be harder to do (unless your judgment is better for sidestyle)


Step 2

Pop the yo-yo forward, into the air.


Step 3

Next, you are going to switch hand positions. You are going to move your right hand forward, into the string that is connected to the yo-yo.


Step 4

Keep switching hand positions... Remember to hit the red string segment with your right hand pointer...


Step 5

Here, your hands have finally switched positions. The yo-yo will fall onto the red string as indicated by the orange arrow.


Step 6

You are now in a H-Bomb Mount (although it is a little distorted). Now you are going to do a reverse somersault. Move your left hand toward the string segments between your right hand and yo-yo to start this motion.


Step 7

Now, do the somersault.


Step 8

Now, after the somersault, you are going to pop the yo-yo back in the air. To do this, pull your left hand back to be in the same horizontal plane as the right hand.


Step 9

Now, pop the yo-yo into the air.


Step 10

Now, when the yo-yo is in the air. You need to get your right hand pointer finger on the other side of the string (green arrow). To do this, simply move your right hand pointer away from the red string.


Step 11

Now the yo-yo is in the air again. You are going to switch had positions. Move your right hand over your left hand...and don't forget to hit the string connecting the left hand and the yo-yo.


Step 12

Notice the right hand hitting the string. Continue switching hand positions.


Step 13

You are now in a split bottom mount.


Step 14

Do a forward somersault.


Step 15

Move your right and left hands in the same plane


Step 16

Pop the yo-yo into the air again, and let the string fall off your right hand pointer finger (green arrow). You are now in Step 3, feel free to repeat.