This little maneuver may seem "stupid" at first, but once you start using it you wont be able to stop. It's an addicting move! The move is just a little flip from a reverse double or nothing. I am extremely skim on my directions for this trick, sorry about that. If anyone thinks it is skim to the point of non-understandable (assuming you know all about trapeze and double or nothings) then let me know.

Shown as if looking in a mirror. Also, I highly recommend you already know how to do a reverse double or nothing.

Step 1

""What the heck?!" I know, I know, I combined too many steps into one picture, but when I did these illustrations I was pretty tired and wanted to get them out of the way.

So anyway, you start with a trapeze as shown to the left. Then you go into a reverse double or nothing. To do this, toss the yo-yo off the trapeze. Then immediately stick your middle finger out on your left hand. If you do this, the yo-yo should travel the path of the orange arrows, wrapping around your right pointer finger, and land on the string that wraps around the pointer finger.


Step 2

This is the position of a reverse double or nothing

Step 3

Okay, now you are going to cross your arms by bringing your right hand past and over your left hand as indicated by the blue arrow. As you do this, the yo-yo will flip over to the other side of your hand. That is what the orange arrow means. It does not flip over your hand until your hand reaches the blue X.


Step 4

You should be in a position similar to this. The crossed strings between the hands may not be crossed depending on a few factors that aren't too important. Anyway, just return to the normal reverse double or nothing position


Step 5

Now, from the reverse double or nothing position, go back to a trapeze. To do this, pop the yo-yo off of the reverse double or nothing, then it should follow the orange arrows and land on the red string segment.



And you are back to the normal trapeze position. Simple, huh?