Created by Paul Escolar

Plain and simple: Kamikaze is AWESOME. Created by Paul Escolar, it incorporates a few new, but vital moves...including his revolutionary "magic drop." Although the instructions of the magic drop are pretty poor, I hope you will be able to learn it. To help, I have incorporated some videos into the instructions telling how to set up for the drop and what the drop actually looks like. Enjoy! 

Note - the magic drop is extremely hard to learn for some people. Just keep at it and eventually you will be able to land it every time. It also may help to make sure you know all the trapeze bro and sister variations from Ken's site before attempting to read the illustrations.

Step 1 - Houdini Drop

First throw a Houdini Drop hold. This is basically a double or nothing, but the yo-yo goes around your left thumb, right pointer, left pointer, then lands on the string. After this hold, pop the yo-yo up into the red string so that it pushes the red string upwards.


Step 2 -Houdini to Mach 5

When the yo-yo is in the air. Let the string off of your left thumb fall off. All other string should stay on their respective fingers.

Step 3 - Houdini to Mach 5

Now the yo-yo will look like this for a split second before falling onto the single string (orange arrow).


Step 4 - Mach 5 (Sidestyle)

Now, pop the yo-yo off the Mach 5 hold clockwise (to your right).


Step 5 - Popping back to Trapeze and then the 2/0

The yo-yo should continue in the path of the orange arrows.


Step 6 - Roll into a 2/0

you will arrive in this hold from Step 5. However, in one smooth motion (i.e. - without stopping at the position to the right) you need to do a transition roll into a double or nothing (if you need to go to that page, start reading the instructions at Step 5). 


Step 7 - New view, the roll completed

When you are about to finish the roll into a double or nothing, you need to land the yo-yo on the string closest to you, unlike normal when you land it on the string farthest from you. 


Another perspective

If you need to practice this part of the trick, you can start by throwing a regular double or nothing, and landing on the back string (see above). Then you can continue the trick from here.


Step 8 - Finger Twist (Download a movie of this step for clarification; 470 KB)

Now comes a sorta tricky part. You need to drop the red string off your left pointer (green arrow) without dropping the black string off.  To do this, bend your left pointer inwards under the red string to the green X. Downloading the video will help clear this up if you are still foggy on this finger-twist/drop.


Step 9 - Pop into the Pseudo-Mach 5

Notice that the left hand is twisted towards you (Green arrow).

After twisting your finger so the string drops (Step 8), pop the yo-yo as indicated by orange arrow. It will go on the outside of the string (when you pop it up, the string between your L and R hands will be be between you and the yoyo). When you pop it up, you can twist your left hand back to normal.


Step 10 - Second Pseudo-Mach 5 dismount 

You are now in a hold that looks like a Mach 5, but actually isn't.

Now you are going to pop the yo-yo off the Pseudo-Mach 5 hold. This time it goes counterclockwise (pop it off to your left). When you do this, you will drop the strings off your right pointer finger, and as a result, you will go back to a trapeze.


Step 11 - Trapeze    

You are now in a trapeze. If you need to practice this part of the trick, you can easily just skip to this step and proceed on.


Step 12 - Spikey's Magic Drop (Download a movie of this step for clarification; 475 KB)

Next is a drop that is very, very important. This revolutionary drop will bring you almost instantly from a trapeze to a trapeze and his brother or the trapeze bro and sister (the back string of trapeze bro). In order to do this move, you need to wrap the string around your right hand as shown. It needs to come from the slip knot, go around your thumb, and then around your pointer finger. If you need help with this, then please view the video (although it is a little dark, it will help). This video shows only the way to get your right hand from Step 11 to Step 12, not the actual drop.


Step 13 - Spikey's Magic Drop (Download a movie of Steps 13-15; 475 KB)

Okay, now that you have your hold from Step 12, you will swing the yo-yo to your right (note, you need to be able to instantly get into the magic drop hold so that there is no delay between Step 10 and this step).


Step 14 - Spikey's Magic Drop

As the yo-yo flips over your right hand, somehow one of the strings will fall off of the yo-yo, landing it one one of the two string segments between the left and right hands. I wish I could explain this better, but I cannot. View the video, and practice a lot. This drop takes a long time to learn for most people, and to make things even harder I cannot illustrate what exactly happens (it happens too fast to even see when you do it normally). Download the video above to see the magic drop. Note that in this trick, the magic drop will put you on the back string (Trapeze bro + sis).


Step 15 - Trapeze with Brother and Sister

Now you will be on the back string of a Trapeze and his brother. Next pop the yo-yo up, and it will hit the red string and flip over your right hand.


Step 16 - After the flip

After the flip over the right hand, you are now going to reverse what you just did except the yo-yo will NOT land on the string it was on in the picture for Step 15.


Step 17 - After the miss

After missing the string (Step 16), the yo-yo will want to swing all the way around in a circle and land on the string farthest away from you (red string). This will put you in kinda like the trapeze and his brother hold.


Step 18

See, sorta like a trapeze and his brother.

Next, you are going to reverse what you just pop it off the string in a clockwise fashion



Step 19

You will end up here (similar to step 17 but going the other direction). Now hit the red string and the yo-yo will flip over the left hand


Step 20

Now, this should look like Step 16. Now you are going to swing the yo-yo over your right hand, counterclockwise and land on the red string


Step 21

Now, once you land on the red string, let everything fall off of your right hand (green arrow), and you will be back in trapeze to dismount the trick.