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Mach 5 is a simply constructed trick with an amazing result. All you basically have to know how to do is the split bottom mount, and the rest of the trick doesn't involve much skill except for one underpass. Mach 5's appearance is a yo-yo that is "hovering" in the air as your hands rotate around it. Simple, but awesome!

This trick is illustrated in such a manner that you can turn sideways (to the left) and follow the directions.


Step 1

Split_Bottom_Mount.gif (1855 bytes) This Trick starts out utilizing a split bottom mount as shown. If you do not know how to do this yet, visit Ken's World on a String. The instructions for this mount  is in the tricks section, under the component's subsection, and under the link "Pull-over Split Bottom Mount."


Step 2

After completing the split bottom mount, move your left hand down and away from your body. This is standard procedure for an underpass used in tricks like Atomic Bomb/Atomic Smasher, however you want to go farther out in this trick than you normally would. Going farther important as you will see in the next step. The red string in the picture is to show you that it is coming from your yo-yo finger and going over the pointer finger of your left hand.

Continue moving your left hand in the direction of the blue arrow as you proceed to Step 3.

mach5-1.gif (3597 bytes)


Step 3

mach5-2.gif (2885 bytes) After following the arrow of Step 2, you should arrive in the position shown to the left. Note how low your underpass is (this part may be tricky if you cannot aim your strings). It is ideal to have the yo-yo in the center of the strings coming from both hands. If not, your hovering yo-yo (later on) will be off center and look rather ugly! The red string (its one long piece with a piece hidden between the yo-yo) in the picture is to simplify the image so you can tell one string segment from the others (it also happens to be the same red string as Step 2 - but do not assume all red strings in these instructions are the same string; they are never the same unless I say).

Follow the blue arrow (you are still carrying out your underpass) with your left hand. If you are not familiar with underpasses, the transition from Step 2 to 3 (and beyond) is done in one swift circular-resembling motion; you should not stop in-between steps when performing.


Step 4

If you followed the arrow correctly you will be in the position to the right. Continue moving your left hand (remember, the left hand in this picture is the one that is facing away) in the direction of the blue arrow. Do not move your right hand. mach5-4.gif (3321 bytes)


Step 5

mach5-5.gif (3014 bytes) If you followed the blue arrow and did not move your right hand, you will end up in the position to the left. The red string is used to clarify the picture and should be on the outside (the part farthest from you) of your pointer finger on your right hand. You have successfully completed the first underpass.

Observe that your right hand is about half way between the left hand and the yo-yo and move on to Step 6.


Step 7

The red line in this picture is not the same red line as in step 6, so do not get confused. The red string is just clarifying the view and is not important to this step. Continue moving your left hand in the direction of the blue arrow while keeping your right hand stationary. mach5-6.gif (3883 bytes)


Step 8

mach5-7.gif (3635 bytes) After following the above steps correctly you will arrive in the position to the left. The red string segment, again, is only used to help clarify the situation and is not the same as the red string segment in any of the other steps. Now, if you straighten out the picture to the left (by making the strings tighter - just pull up with your right hand and down with the left) you will get the position to the right.

As seen in the picture to the right, move both hands simultaneously in the direction of the arrows. It is important that when you move both hands, they are exactly across from each other!

Note - This is why you wanted the yo-yo in the middle in Step 3, and your hand in the middle in Step 5. If they weren't your yo-yo may not be centered at this point! :)

mach5-8.gif (4379 bytes)

You are now in the stage of Mach 5 where the yo-yo is hovering and your hands are rotating!

Step 10

mach5-9.gif (3809 bytes) Your hands, after following the blue arrows in Step 9, should look "horizontal" as shown in the picture to the left. Continue moving both hands in the directions of their corresponding arrows, making sure to always keep them directly across from each other. Proceed to Step 11.


Step 11

Continue following the arrows. At this point you will notice the string starting to loop around your right hand pointer finger. This is normal but be aware that if you continue rotating many many times then the string gets shorter and shorter. mach5-10.gif (3884 bytes)


Step 12

mach5-11.gif (3967 bytes) Continue to follow the blue arrows. Note the right hand finger now has an "extra loop" around it.


Step 13

You have just completed one full rotation and should be back to where you were before you started rotating both hands. The only difference is that you have a string wound once around your right-hand pointer finger. You may do as many full-circle rotations as you wish before going on to Step 14! mach5-12.gif (3684 bytes)


Step 14

mach5-13.gif (1664 bytes) After your rotations, you should end up in this position at some point (this position is 3/4 of a rotation, so the very minimum you must do to get here is 3/4 of a circle -- but that looks weak so I suggest doing at least 1 rotation + 3/4 of a rotation to get here). When you reach this position, stop moving both hands and go to Step 15.


Step 15

As soon as you stop in Step 14, the weight of the yo-yo will allow it to fall to the position shown to the right. mach5-14.gif (1834 bytes)


Step 16

mach5-15.gif (2753 bytes) From the position in Step 15 (also depicted to the left), follow the blue arrow and move your left hand up

Step 17

You should now be in the position to the right. The red string is the string that is farthest to your left, on the outermost part of your right hand pointer finger. What you want to do now is drop the red string from your other pointer finger. mach5-16.gif (2186 bytes)

The rest of the steps are showing how to dismount Mach 5. If you want, you can go from the end of Step 17 to other tricks such as an Atom Smasher.

Step 18

mach5-17.gif (2738 bytes) After dropping the red string in Step 17, you will be in the position to the left. The red string in this picture is the same string as in Step 17. Now, you are going to do a roll out dismount by moving your left hand in the direction of the blue arrow.


Step 19

If you do Step 18 fast enough, you will notice the yo-yo has not moved much. However, now it will begin to roll out in the direction shown by the blue arrow. Please realize the blue arrow in this step is the path the yo-yo will take. mach5-17.gif (2738 bytes)


Step 20

mach5-19.gif (3044 bytes) The yo-yo should continue to roll out....


Step 21

The yo-yo can now be returned to the hand with a tug from the yo-yo finger! mach5-20.gif (2063 bytes)