Created by Doctor Popular

    The Matrix is a sweet little move created by Doctor Popular. What sets this trick apart from others, is that it is done alpha style. Alpha style means that you start the next step before you land the first. In order to better understand this, I suggest viewing the video as well as these instructions. Style makes up a major part of this trick.


Step 1 - Double or Nothing, Drop

Start off in a double or nothing. You are now going to drop the string off of your right hand.


Step 2 - Unwind

With the string dropped off of your right hand, everything should look like the picture to the right. You will now swing the yoyo counter clockwise to unwind it around your left hand.

Step 3  - Somersault

After unwinding, you will be back in a trapeze. Next comes a somersault: turn your right hand towards you (green arrow). Move it over your left hand. Your right arm will end up in front of your left arm for a moment.


Step 4 - Somersault

Continue the somersault by moving your hand in the direction of the blue arrow. The yo-yo should flip over your hands in the path of the orange arrow.


Step 5 - Somersault

 Continue the somersault by moving your hands in the direction of the blue arrows; the yo-yo will follow the orange arrows until you reach Step 6.


Step 6 - Going into a Double or Nothing

You will now be back into a trapeze. Make your right hand face away from you now (green arrow). The the yo-yo is going to still have momentum and move to the right (orange arrow) up the string. What you now want to do is move your hand in the direction of the blue arrow (do this fast).


Step 7 - Double or Nothing

Because you moved your hand in Step 6, the yo-yo will be airborne.  Follow the blue arrows with your right hand. It will hit the string coming from your  left hand to the yo-yo.


Step 8 - Double or Nothing

When you hit the string in Step 7, the yo-yo will swing around both hands indicated by the orange arrows.


Step 9 - Double or Nothing

As it swings around, you are going to make it land on the outermost string (red).


Step 10 - Double or Nothing, Drop

You will now be back in a double or nothing. Drop the string off of the right hand and proceed to Step 2.

Remember, this trick must be done alpha style; view the video to see how it should look.