(number unknown)

This trick originated somewhere in Japan (as far as I know). Hidemasa Senba does it in the World Clip Video. There are 8 MJS (MJ1, MJ2...MJ8) and I have no idea what number this is.

If anyone else can provide more info on the origins of this trick, email me.

Step 1

Start with a split bottom mount. You are pretty much going to do the beginning of Mach 5, by doing an underpass with the left hand. Do so by following the blue arrows with the left hand.


Step 2

Continue the underpass...

Step 3



Step 4



Step 5

Up until this step, the procedure has been the same as Mach 5's. Now we are going to start the different steps. Notice the green arrow in the picture to the left. Also, notice the red string that goes over the left index finger. You want to stick your left thumb in that loop that goes over the left index finger. This will make the red string drape over your index finger and thumb. If you still don't understand, check out the next picture...


Step 6

Notice how the string drapes over the left hand thumb and index finger. Now, you are going to move your hand straight down, as the blue arrows show. Your right hand pointer finger is going to catch on the red string when you move your left hand down. This will occur where the green arrow points, between the left hand thumb and finger.


Step 7

Continue moving your hand down...


Step 8

When your left hand goes down as far as it will go, the yo-yo will be "cupped" in the left hand as shown to the right. You then want to move/rotate your left hand out and in front of you. You should end up in the position shown to the right, indicated by the faded out position.


Step 9

Here is the last step. The yo-yo will still be spinning and it will just be "hovering" in one place. Dismount however you like.