Created, illustrated, and commented by Mike Dunn, AKA TheCleric.

This trick may look simple, but it is incredibly hard. Good luck.

Step 1

First, you want to start by throwing a trapeze, but instead of landing it on the string, let it continue to swing around the outside of your finger.


Step 2

Continue around like you are going to go into a 1.5 mount.

Step 3

But instead of landing the 1.5, raise your right hand so the yoyo swings on a sort of flat plane.


Step 4

Allow the yoyo to hit the top string and go over your left hand.


Step 5

Next, swing the yoyo up into the two top-most strings.


Step 6

When it gets there, let it fall down onto the bottom string.


Step 7

You will be in this odd little hold. The yoyo's spin will die out quickly here, so don't be here long.


Step 8

Now comes the tricky part. Release the string loop on your right index finger, but at the same time, pop the yoyo up to your left. The loop will start to unwind itself from the yoyo. You will also want to start to move your right hand to the left.


Step 9

As the loop widens, bring your right hand over more, because you are going to be intercepting the loop.


Step 10

If all went well, you should be in a flipped 1.5 mount. -Fin-