Created by Sky Kiyabou

This trick was created by Sky Kiyabou sometime near the '99 Nationals. It's a pretty cool looking trick that is easy to do, so it definitely wouldn't hurt to add it to your list of tricks. I've heard this trick was called "Frog in a Bag," but I have been unable to confirm this. 


Step 1

Start with a simple bottom mount. Next you are going to do an Oliver Twist motion. Follow the blue arrows as shown, by moving your left hand in front of your right hand, causing the string to twist around the yo-yo.


Step 2

The green arrow indicates a mutation...that is, the string is wrapped around the axle of the yo-yo.

Continue the motion of the blue arrow. You will eventually make a complete rotation.

Step 3

Continue the motion...

(Right now, you are in the Jedi Boing position.)


Step 4

Continue the motion until you bring your left hand up to your right hand.


Step 5

Cup both of your hands together as shown, and tug the yo-yo. This is almost exactly like Stop and Go, but the string is twisted around the axle from the earlier steps. So, when you give a tug , the yo-yo will come up and stop in your hands.


Step 6

The yo-yo is now stopped, it is no longer spinning. To revive the spin, pull your hands in the directions indicated by the image. Your left hand goes up, and right goes down. This, again, is like reviving the spin in Stop and Go.


Step 7

Now, the yo-yo will be spinning in one place, in the middle of the strings. Move your hands in the direction of the blue arrows. You will then return to Step 6. Repeat these steps as many times as you want. When you are ready to end this trick, pull harder for Step 6 and skip to Step 8.


Step 8

 Just follow the blue arrows to dismount. You simply just unwind the string from the yo-yo.