Created by Paul Sanders

Slinky is a cool trick, created by Paul Sanders, that looks much like you are doing infinite underpasses. It isn't terribly hard to do, but it is one of those "fun tricks" like Boing-E-Boing and Mach 5. I strongly recommend adding this trick to your repertoire.

Step 1

Start with a Split Bottom Mount


Step 2 - Chain Reaction

Start Chain Reaction

Step - Chain Reaction

Continue Chain Reaction


Step 3 - Chain Reaction



Step 4 - Chain Reaction



Step 5

Push your left hand into the two back strings.


Step 6

Now, move your right hand down and away from you until they are on the same horizontal plane.


Step 7

Now your left and right hands are in the same horizontal plane.  Notice the red string segment. You are going to move your left hand behind and below your left do this move your right hand under the yo-yo. The red string segment is going to be put in the yo-yo gap. This is sort of like another underpass.


Step 8

Look how the red string segment is threaded through the gap (the yo-yo is resting on the 2 red strings). Now, move your right hand up and over your left hand. When you do this, the yo-yo will fall onto the string that is between your left and right hands


Step 9

You should now be in this position. If you move your left hand forward and hit the front string, and move your right hand back (both blue arrows), then you will be back to split bottom mount, and you can redo this procedure as many times as you want