Superman is an awesome looking trick that uses the Spirit Bomb mount. While it looks incredibly difficult, it is easier to do than it looks (thank goodness) -- except for the difficult ending. Jason Lee created this trick.

This trick is very difficult to describe, even with pictures. To help explain it, I have utilized two separate views. One is as if you were looking in a mirror, as normal, but the new view is an semi-overhead view, as if you were looking down on it from about a 3/4 angle.

Step 1 - Wrist Mount

This wrist mount is used in a lot of new moves, so it is good to learn. Basically you are going to throw a double or nothing, but have it wrap around completely different fingers and land on a different string. 

The first step is to throw the double or nothing motion, but the first finger it goes around is the left thumb. The yo-yo will now continue around the right wrist.


Step 2 - Wrist Mount

Next, make it go around your left hand pointer finger. The picture doesn't show this because I couldn't really draw the arrows without the hand getting in the way. 


Step 3 - Wrist Mount

Now, after it goes around the left pointer finger, you want to land it in between the triangle formation caused by the strings and your right hand -- as the picture indicates with the orange arrow. The yo-yo will land on the red string..


Step  4- Wrist Mount, Drop

Your string formation more or less should look like this. It sort of looks like a bucket, and actually the formation is basically the same as a bucket with a twisted string going to the yo-yo (although you can' tell by the picture). 

Drop every string off of your left hand (green arrow).


Step 5 - 1 Hand

Everything now will be hanging off of your right hand wrist.


View switch

We are now going to switch views. Basically this is what you would see if you were looking into a mirror.  


Step 6 - Underpass

Next, your right hand will go under your left and pluck the red string as shown in the picture to the left. You are going to do an underpass in the clockwise direction (if you pluck the right string that's the only direction you can go). Just follow the orange arrows. After the underpass, you will be at Step 7


Step 7

You will now be in this hold you are going to pop the yo-yo out of the hold (on the outside), so the yo-yo will be airborne not hitting any strings, then it will come back and land on the red string.

Step 8

You should now be in a hold similar to before, but there will be bigger "knot" in the center. Now you are going to do a dunk: hit the middle (diagonal) red string with your left finger and send the yo-yo around your left hand. 


Step 9

The faded arrows are showing that the yo-yo has traveled around your left hand. You now want the yo-yo to land on both red strings - as indicated by the orange (tiny) arrow.


Step 10

Now, you are simply going to reverse the process to get back to Step 8.


Step 11

So here you are, back in Step 8. now you will slide the yo-yo string off of your right wrist  and on to your finger. This will probably happen automatically because of the next step.


Step 12

You are now going to perform a magic drop. This sounds  pretty complicated since it is a magic drop inside a spirit bomb mount, but it's not too bad if you already can do the drop. So, to do it, swing the yo-yo to the right, over the right hand/right hand index finger.


Step 13

The yo-yo will magic drop about when it's in this position. If you do not know the magic drop, learn it from the Kamikaze instructions. You are going to land it on the black string. However, you need to position your hands so that the black string is behind the red string (ie closer to you).


Step 14

You will land in something like this. I cant tell if this illustration is completely right but I'm fairly sure it is. You'll pretty much have a mess on your right hand, plus the yo-yo will be on the string as shown in the picture. Now, pop the yo-yo up in the air.


Step 15

Now, once the yo-yo is airborne (as shown) drop the string off your right hand index finger so that you get rid of some of the mess (all that will be left is stuff on your right wrist, and left pointer). Then, you are going to land the yo-yo on the red string. Please note this is the same string you just popped the yo-yo off of, but now it will be on the other side (the outside) of the black string. 


Step 16

You will now be in this position once again. Here is the tricky part to explain that is near impossible to draw, so you will have to read this carefully. You are going to perform a dunk, like in Step 8. This time, however, you will not land the yo-yo on both strings. The yo-yo will only land on the red string segment. The yo-yo will not land on the green string segment. This is going to be different from the normal spirit bomb dismount because you want the red string to be farthest away from you. It is naturally close to you, you will have to manually make it farther away from you.



Step 17

If you landed the yo-yo on the red string segment correctly in Step 16, you will be in this hold. This next step is very hard to do. You want to swing the yo-yo through the loop formed the right hand and "knot." After it goes through, you want to let go of the red string off of your left hand.


Step 18

Here is another way to think about it. Assume from Step 17 you dropped the red string off of your left finger. You would be in the position to the right. You now want to pop the yo-yo through that tiny hole. Keep practicing since this is really hard.


Step 19

Once the yo-yo is popped through the hole, you want it to land it on the farthest string away from you, which happens to be the bottom red string.

You will now be in a normal wrist mount. Dismount like you do in Spirit Bomb but add a somersault to the dismount. See the video if you don't understand this.