Constructed by Citadel

    While I strung this move together, I'm pretty sure it's not "original." It starts with a fairly useless double split bottom move, and goes into a series of underpasses that looks pretty cool. The end effect is much like the "infinite underpasses" of Slinky (created by Paul Sanders), although the moves are completely different. This "trick" was done in the SpinDoctors 4-08-00 video by me, and because people wanted me to post this trick up, I did.


Step 1 - The Mount

Start with a modified double split bottom mount. Throw a sleeper, drape it over your left finger like you would a split bottom (pic 1). Now, instead of flipping the yo-yo over your right hand pointer finger and landing on the string (which would be a split bottom), you flip the yo-yo over both your right hand pointer and left hand pointer.


Step 2 - The Mount

Now, the yo-yo should be draped over your left hand again. Move your right hand up and forward into the red string.

Step 3 - The Mount

Now move your finger (with the string and yo-yo) over your left hand. In essence, you just kinda "scooped up" the red string segment.


Step 4 - The Mount

Next, you are going to continue the scooping motion of the right hand by moving it closer to you and downwards. The yo-yo will land on the left most string, which in this picture is colored red.


Step 5 - The Mount to underpass

Now you are in the double split bottom mount. Do an underpass with your left hand. Only thread the red string (the one on the far left) through the yo-yo gap, the other strings that are attached to your left finger will go on the right side of the yo-yo


Step 6 - Unfolding

Now move your left hand over your right hand, so that your hands switch positions. You would think, by looking at the picture, that the yo-yo would follow a path similar to the blue one, like a somersault. In reality, though, the yo-yo stays pretty much in the same place, since you are "unfolding" the strings at the top into a simpler formation.


Step 7 - More unfolding

You are going to switch your hand positions again by following the blue arrows. Move your left hand back, under your right hand, so it hits the string coming from your right hand and the yo-yo. Also move the right hand over the left hand, so it will be farthest away from you.


Step 8 - Underpass

Now, do an underpass with the left hand. Your right hand will probably naturally move backwards just a little bit.


Step 9 - Split Bottom Mount to Chain Reaction

You are now in the familiar split bottom mount.  You will now do the first part of chain reaction. Move your left hand behind your right, and the yo-yo will fall onto the red string.


Step 10 - Weird Thing

Now, you are going to move your left hand in the direction of the blue arrow


Step 11 - Weird Thing

Now, move your left hand forward into the double strings hanging from your right hand to the yo-yo. You will push up against both of these


Step 12 - Weird Thing

Now comes the weird part. There are two ways to think about this. 

Left Pic: Push your left hand forward, this will cause the yo-yo to jump into the red string and flip over your left hand.

Right Pic: Move your right hand over your left, and do an underpass with your left hand


Step 13 - Unfold the Weird Thing

You should now be in something similar to this, where the yo-yo and strings are sort of flopped over your left hand. Now, unfold the horizontal strings by moving your right hand over and to the other side of your left hand. Your right hand shold now be far from your body


Step 14 - Underpass

Do an underpass with your right hand. Only one string should go in the groove.


Step 15 - Unfold

Next, unfold the formation by following the arrows. You did something similar to this in Step 7 (actually, it was the exact same thing).


Step 16 - Underpass

Do an underpass with your left hand. Your right hand should be moved back towards you so you end up with your right hand behind your left. 

You will now be in split bottom again. Go back to Step 9 and keep repeating if you'd like.