The effect is a yo-yo going back and forth between both hands without either of the hands moving. When learning the trick, you may find your hands moving a lot, but with practice they will end up very close to being still.


Step 1

This trick begins with a simple bottom mount. Bottom_Mount.gif (11291 bytes)


Step 2

wave-1.gif (12380 bytes) Next. you want to move your left hand into the string. Despite my sloppy picture, it is ideal to end up pressing against the string about one third of the length, not half-way like the blue arrow shows. Anyway, just follow the blue arrow in the general direction and you should be fine.


Step 3

Next, with your left hand against the red string shown in this picture, mve your right hand back to where the blue X is. You should end up in the position shown in Step 3. wave-2.gif (2710 bytes)


Step 4

wave-3.gif (14270 bytes) The red string segment in this picture is the same red string as shown in Step 2.

Next comes the tricky part. You want to move your pointer finger of your left hand sharply backwards without really moving the whole hand. This takes lots of practice to actually do, but when you do it, the yo-yo will be flipped in the direction of the yellow-orange arrow. So, to sum it up, you flip the yo-yo over the finger in the direction of the arrow.


Step 5

If step three is done correctly, and you flipped the yo-yo hard enough, it should continue to follow the path indicated by the blue arrow. It is almost as if the yo-yo is sliding along the string that is above it. If that string were not there, the yo-yo would fly up (and toward you). The string keeps it in its path. wave-4.gif (12571 bytes)


Step 6

wave-5.gif (13016 bytes) Now, once the yo-yo gets closer to your right hand, the string formation will cause it to automatically go around the right-hand pointer finger in the direction shown with the blue arrow


Step 7

The yo-yo will continue to travel around the right hand pointer.... wave-6.gif (12865 bytes)


Step 8

wave-7.gif (12532 bytes) Now the yo-yo should have come to rest in the position to the left. It still should be sleeping from your original throw. Now, you are going to do another one of those finger toss motions. This time, the yo-yo will be sent back the way it came from!


Step 9

The yo-yo will travel in the direction of the arrow... wave-8.gif (12088 bytes)


Step 10

wave-9.gif (14075 bytes) And continue all the way over to where it began. It will drape over the left pointer finger after following the direction of the blue arrow


Step 11

And now you will be back to where you Step 3, and the whole flipping back and forth motions can be repeated as many times as you want! wave-3.gif (14270 bytes)

        This trick is very simple and looks stunning. Keep in mind that this trick must be done relatively quick or else your yo-yo will fall between hands.