Yes, this is another fantastic trick created by Paul Escolar. It incorporates many new moves, so it would be wise to learn it. This trick is fairly complicated, so you may want to brush up on your sidestyle before attempting this trick. 

Step 1 - 1.5 Start

Throw the beginning of a 1.5 mount (the kind used in cyclone racer, not Buddha's Revenge)


Step 2 - Fall to Bottom String

After it hits the top string in Step 1, don't flip the yo-yo over your right hand like normal. Instead, just let if fall onto the bottom string.

Step 3 - Goto Vertical 1.5 Mount

Now you want to bring this into a Buddha's Revenge 1.5 mount (the vertical kind). 


Step 4 - Invert 1.5 Mount

Next, flip everything by moving your left hand down, and right hand up -- flipping the yo-yo as well -- counter-clockwise. This is just like in Buddha's Revenge.


Step 5 - Spread the String

This formation is seen in Buddha's Revenge; normally you would just do an underpass with the left hand. However now, you want to spread the double-string with your right pointer finger and thumb, where the green arrow is.


Step 6 - Uncross Your Hands

Uncross your hands in the direction of the blue arrows, making sure to hit the double string with the left finger


Step 7 - Pop the Yo-Yo Out of the "Bucket-Type Thing"

Pop the yo-yo out of the "bucket-type thing." (note - I call this a bucket because I have no idea what else to call it. It is NOT a "Drop in the Bucket" bucket.)


Step 8 - Pop the Yo-Yo Back into the "Bucket-Type Thing" 

Pop the Yo-Yo Back into the "Bucket-Type Thing." Please tell me you knew that.


Step 9 - Tricky Flip Over Type Thing

You are now going to flip the yo-yo over your left and right hands. When you do this, your left and right hands pretty much stay still, and no strings fall off any fingers


Step 10 - Flip it Back

You are probably thinking, "WHAT?!" but don't worry, this is actually a very simple step. 

The green arrow indicates that the string did not fall off the thumb when you did Step 9 -- many people seem to have a slight problem with this, so I decided to point it out. The reset of the arrows mean flip the yo-yo back  to where it started in Step 9. So basically, Step 10 is the opposite of Step 9


Step 11 - Familiar Pop

You are pretty much where you were in Step 7. Pop the yo-yo out of the "bucket thing" again.


Step 12 - Finger Twist

Now that the yo-yo is hanging on the outside of the "bucket." You need to twist your finger in a way that will allow the outermost string segment to fall off your left pointer finger, but nothing else.

 Change View

Step 13 - Rewind

You're are now going to do a "Reverse Triple or Nothing." Swing the yo-yo counter clockwise and ...


Step 14 - Rewind

... land it on the outermost string. In case you cant tell, this move is used in the trick "Rewind" right after the Double or Nothing.


Step 15 - Drop a String

Drop the outermost string on your left hand pointer.


Step 16 - Swing it Counter-Clockwise

Swing the yo-yo counter clockwise over both hands. Be careful not to cross your hands - your hands will come close to each other maybe, but they will never cross. When you flip it  over both hands, the yo-yo will end up somewhere below the hands, but between them (unlike in this step where it starts out on the outside of the right hand).


Step 17 - Pop it Off the String

You should now be in this position. Pop the yo-yo off to the right.


Step 18 - Finger Move

Now, you are going to retract your right hand pointer and put it back so that it ends up on the underside of the string, and not over it pushing down on it. Simply move your finger out of the way of the string...



Step 19 - Let it Fall

...and let the yo-yo fall around your right hand finger into...


Step 20 - 1.5 Mount

...the top string. You are going to go into a 1.5 mount.


Step 21 - 1.5 Mount

Keep going into a 1.5 mount...


Step 22 - Flip it All

Next, you are going to flip everything. This is just like Step 4, except from a Horizontal 1.5 Mount.


Step 23 - Dunk

Next, you are going to dunk the yo-yo onto the double string. To start this dunk, move your left hand into the double strings as indicated by the blue arrows.


Step 24 - Dunk

After moving your finger into the double string, you want to flip the yo-yo over your left hand, into the double string.


Step 25 - Dunk

The yo-yo will continue flipping over your left hand...


Step 26 - Reposition Hands

You should be in this dunked position. Uncross your arms by following the blue arrows. With the right hand you are going to go right and down, and the left hand will push up into the double string between your right hand and yo-yo. After you are done moving your hands, they should be in the same horizontal plane.


Step 27 - Drop the Strings

Now, drop the outer most string off of your left hand (left picture). Then you will be in the picture to the right. Drop the strings off of your right pointer finger.


Step 28 - False Trapeze   

You are in what looks like a Trapeze, but it isn't. Pull the string with a tug from your right hand and...


Step 29 - Yo-Yo Falls Through the Trapeze

...the yo-yo will "fall through the trapeze" and you can bring the yo-yo back to your hand. That is the end of White Buddha.