Created by Spencer Berry (Chasm)

An incredibly simple move with an incredibly cool effect. Definitely learn this. You an even use this move individually as an underpass that brings you back to the same position, no matter what hold you are in. An infinitely useful trick.

Step 1

Throw a trapeze. Then pluck the red string with your thumb.


Step 2

Now you are going to pluck the new red string. Pluck it from behind (the side closest to you; in other words don't reach around the strings to pluck it) with your right hand pointer finger.

Step 3

Next you are going to do an underpass-like move. Move your right hand in the direction indicated by the blue arrows. However, you are not going to make the red string go into the groove of the yo-yo. You are going to make it go on the inside, closest to you. In case you are wondering, the red string is the string segment that is attached to the yo-yo.


Step 4

Continue the circling motion, making sure not to thread the red string into the yo-yo gap. Remember, it goes between your body and the yo-yo.


Step 3

You will now be back in Step 3. You can repeat Steps 3 and 4 over and over and over and over....

This trick was illustrated by Spencer Berry.